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  • When will your online store be open?
    Who knows? First I'm going to gather up all my little ducks and form them into a line. Then they all will run in random directions, and I will chase each one again. This process will repeat a few times and then I'll be open! Follow my Facebook page so you're the first to know when the ducks all cooperate!
  • Do you accept commissions to create new artwork?
    Sometimes I do accept commissions. I am working on colorful paintings featuring important memories of motherhood like the ones above. The best photographs to work from are the moments captured that you didn't know were going to be so special and the ones that invoke emotion in you. If you have a photograph you'd like to have created as a watercolor painting, you can email me to get started.
  • What is a "giclee" print?"
    "Giclee" is a French word pronouced "gee-clay" in a the lovely way of combining a G and Z that only the French can do. It means "to squirt." Simply put, this is a kind of high quality inkjet printing using light-fast ink. Whereas a home printer or business printer might use 5 ink colors, a professional art printer should be using 12 colors. My art prints use archival qualitiy ink and archival quality paper.
  • What kind of paper are the prints on?
    I proudly offer only archival high-quality substrates. I have matched each artwork with the paper that suits it best, and it is listed in the "Size" dropdown menu along with the print size. The print is unbordered and will be printed to the edge on the size paper selected. Moab Entrada Rag Natural is a finely textured, 100% cotton, warm white, fine art paper of archival quality. It looks great for drawings done in conte on warm colored paper. Moab Entrada Bright White is a finely textured, 100% cotton, bright white, fine art paper of archival quality. The watercolor paper I use for my prints is Epson Premium Watercolor paper. It is a moderately textured, coldpressed, bright white, 100% cotton, fine art paper. It is archival quality too and pairs beautifully to create prints of watercolor paitings that could be mistaken for originals.
  • How do I know if an original artwork in your Gallery is framed or unframed?  Do you offer framing as an added service?
    If I have framed a piece for a show, then I sell it in the display frame. When you choose an original artwork from the "Size" dropdown box, it will state the size of the artwork and "painting" or "painting and frame." If only "painting" is listed then I do not add a frame to the piece. I do not offer additional framing of artworks or prints.
  • I'm local. Can I pick up my order to avoid shipping?
    ORIGINAL ARTWORKS- You can arrange to pick up an original artwork from the studio by emailing me. I love to avoid shipping originals! PRINTS & REPRODUCTIONS- I order fine art prints to fill each order when it is placed and do not carry an inventory at my studio. The printing company directly ships the fine art prints to my clients on my behalf therefore shipping charges cannot be avoided.
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